Taking action together

I wanted to create the Corporate Foundation Group Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs with a view to expanding our commitment to the regions, to share a common vision of our mission in society with all our employees and customers, and to give each and every one of our colleagues the chance to become involved in projects of public interest.

This initiative demonstrates our determination to create links between individuals and to help our regions thrive.

Gérard Brémond, President of the Group Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs and President of the Foundation

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Taking action together

Supported projects

Leisure for young autistic persons

Work hard, Chill hard with Akindo

Play Unified: Olympic Games for all


Our partners

What they say

We want to be able to keep the waste we generate within our region so that we can use it to boost local income and job opportunities.

Director of Le Bois de Deux Mains

Thanks to Entourage, we met quite a few local residents who came to our aid. The app is fantastic for people living on the streets like us.

Chrystèle et Laurent
Entourage members

It’s like the air – if we didn’t have any, we would struggle to survive. I feel like I’m being useful by taking part in BioLit, as I’m helping researchers to see which species are coming, going, taking over and so on.

11 years old, passionate by marine life

It’s absolutely thrilling to see so many different people and organisations working together on an environmental and social project with great potential for the area.

Development officer at Travail & Vie