MIAM (meaning The Intercultural Centre for Food and Consumers) aims to improve people’s lives by improving what they eat. Its purpose is to make sure healthy, good quality food is within everybody’s reach by changing people’s eating habits and encouraging links between producers and consumers. MIAM gives “citizen-consumers” access to experimental spaces such as allotments and kitchens, as well as providing them with opportunities to get involved and show their solidarity with others through group purchasing schemes, discussions and meetings to think aloud and share ideas. They opened a new fully equipped kitchen to process large quantities of high-quality fresh food along with the beneficiaries; but not only: the kitchen will be available for local actors to use.

To further our goals of giving everyone greater access to cohesion-generating leisure activities and helping them explore what our regions have to offer, in 17/18 we supported MIAM as it set up its kitchen by funding some of the required material to cook.

Funding: €20,000 in 2017-2018

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Before, I used to cook with tomatoes or even peppers in the middle of winter. I didn’t have a clue about seasonal fruit and vegetables, but I pay a lot more attention now. I’m making my friends and family more aware, too. In fact it’s a kind of philosophy and it rubs off on other people.

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