Nearly all of De Kempen Specials (DKS) volunteers have a child with autism, so they understand better than anyone how it feels for a child to be excluded from “normal” society. Austic children can often be considered strange by society and become an easy target for teasing and exclusion. At DKS the children don’t need to explain or apologise if they don’t feel like talking, or if they feel overwhelmed and wish to sit apart for a while. By simply arranging social activities, DKS provides the possibility for everyone to simply be themselves and these moments are wonderfully liberating for children, young adults & parents alike.

Although DKS cannot remove the burden that autism sometimes brings to a family, their volunteers get a feeling of fulfillment from just knowing that using their free time helps these youngsters find enjoyment.

We believe that leisure can be a fantastic tool for reinforcing social ties. That is why we are helping DKS to fund some extra activities, making them more affordable and available to families. Through leisure, DKS helps to improve the self-confidence of its present members so that youngsters with autism can be part of society.

Funding: €5,030 in 2019-2020.

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Eersel, HollandSupported in: 2020

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I am so pleased we have found you, I can see my girls enjoying social contact.

A mother of two daughters

DKS is great, we all have our own problems, but we can all be who we are and no-one makes an issue out of it!

A young girl from DKS

All the others accept him without question and don’t tease him about choosing not to talk, and I can see he is happy and relaxed to join in activities.

A mother talking about her boy

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