Les Volontaires de Paris civic service programme mixes tourism and solidarity in the city of Paris. The volunteers help people discover Paris – not just famous places but also less well known areas – and obtain relevant practical and cultural information. They also have the opportunity to explore the various tourism professions by meeting professionals through a series of welcoming events organised with partners. This often helps them find out more about jobs, challenge their preconceived ideas and tackle any worries they might have about finding a job.

We support the Volontaires de Paris project as we can see clear synergies between this type of project and the professional integration of young people by providing them a concrete way of discovering the tourism businesses during the civic service .

Funding: €20,000 in 2018-2019

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Paris, 18th district2019

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young people undertake civic service programmes each year in Île de France (the Paris region)



of their time is spent on planning their futures



of young people are in work or training 6 months after completing their civic service


As I see it, civic service is really a way to discover the professional realm whilst doing something useful. I chose Les Volontaires de Paris because I liked the idea of setting up urban walking routes through Paris’s less well known neighbourhoods. I’ve always been keen on looking after our heritage, and, even better, the project has given me the chance to practise my English.

Volunteer at Les Volontaires de Paris

I decided to try a civic service because I wanted to do something different with my life, something which had nothing to do with plumbing. I wanted to get some new work experience and when I spotted an advert from Unis-Cité I was hooked. I was really interested in the project and I appreciate that it gives everyone a chance; so I gave it a go.

Volunteer at Les Volontaires de Paris

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